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  • Simon : Tuesday (17/11) again online kickbox training from 8 till 9 pm mail us for an invite. To have with u: internet connection, water, a weight and a chair.

CoVID-19 update

04/09/21: Due to COVID-19, training sessions have been restricted. The open mat will not take place for the time being, but the other training sessions will. We keep our distance and train with a fixed partner.


18:00 – 19:00


19:00 – 21:00


17:30 – 18:30


19:00 – 21:00

English boxing

19:00 – 21:00


19:30 – 21:00


Try to arrive ten minutes early so that you can be dressed and ready to go by the starting time, so that we can start on time. Put on sports clothes and bring your own water bottle and towel.

Training usually contains these elements:

MORE INFO about the trainings

EngLish Boxing
Sack and pads


Van Monck Autonomous Gym is a boxing club where people can train to become strong and resilient individuals, both physically and mentally. Everyone who agrees with our vision is welcome to come and train with us.


As a club, we organise ourselves on our own. No one has permanent leadership; on the contrary, there is a shared responsibility for running the gym. There are no customers, only participants. By that we mean that everyone in the club does his/her/their bit on his/her/their own measure. Do you like to give a training? Fantastic, anyone who wants to can. Do you prefer to stick to washing windrows? Great, every task is worthwhile and every commitment is appreciated. There are no subsidies, commercial sponsors or fixed membership fees. We work on the basis of free contributions of boxers. This money is used for maintenance of the club, nobody is paid. You give what you can.


At VMAG we strive for an accessible, free and participative atmosphere. Naturally, this means that we are against racist, sexist, gay/transphobic and other discriminatory behaviour. We train together to strengthen ourselves and each other physically and mentally. We want to be a learning and caring group of people, putting our ideals into practice. Therefore, we are not competitive. We do not condemn those who want to box competitively, but in VMAG it is not about winners or losers or about who is the most fit. Everyone gets equal attention and space for his/her growth process. When training with others, we explicitly check what is okay for both boxing partners. We only hit each other with mutual consent. We support you in pushing your limits, but do not force anyone. You always choose which exercises you do with whom. Nobody is perfect, we grow together!

With boxing you use your whole body from head to toe. By practising technical coordination, flexibility, strength and endurance, you get to know yourself and others better. As a combat sport, it trains your control and self-confidence so that you learn to stand up for yourself and others. In this way you improve your physical and mental resilience.
Kickbox and English Boxing lessons are given in an informal and open atmosphere. Your commitment and enthusiasm during the training are important, your physical condition is not. We have all the boxing equipment you can use during the lessons, please note that we are not responsible for accidents or injuries.



Since March 2019, you can find us in the meubelfabriek:

Meibloemstraat 20
9000 Gent

Follow the smell of sweat.
Go through the big gate, to the building at the back on the right, past a big steel gate, up the stairs to the second floor past the Rode Lotus. Or arrive on time and follow the crowd.

Make a donation

The gym works on free contribution, you pay what you want and can. With this money we can buy boxing equipment and maintain the gym.

You can always give a free contribution during the training. You can also always make a donation on the account number BE98 8908 0407 8093 (one-off donations are just as welcome as standing orders for a monthly contribution).

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